Data Analytics – What does it mean to the organization?      Jan 27, 2019

In the current knowledge economy, it is now an indisputable fact that data is the key to organizations for gaining competitive advantage. Organizations very well know that the vital information for decision making is lying in the data that is scattered around their enterprise. But unfortunately decision makers are not able to derive timely insight and intelligence out of these data.

Data Analytics is the hottest buzzword talked about and considered to offer a unique advantage to organizations of all sizes. It enables owners, executives and decision makers identify key trends, foresee predictable events and act in anticipation of those events and most importantly get a holistic view of the enterprise

Topics covered

  • Typical Business & Information Technology related challenges
  • What is Data Analytics?
  • How DA helps improve business performance?
  • How is Prediction Modeling achieved?
  • Demonstration – Dashboard & Analysis
  • Q & A

About the Presenter

The seminar was presented by Mr Gopinath, a Data Analyst with over 6 years of broad experience in Education, Business analytic Systems, Business Analytics and Project Management.

He is the Faculty of Business Analytics at Technocourses – a Hyderabad based Data / Business Analytics Education/Service provider helping Students/organization’s harness the power of Analytics for their sustained growth.


Business Analytics – How to achieve business objectives?      Jan 29, 2020

Digital data availability has increased tremendously over a period of time with implementation of enterprise applications like ERP, SCM, CRM and Electronic Payment Systems apart from Electronic Governance initiated by Govt. organizations at Center & State level. However, there is an acute shortage of professionally trained personnel at middle & senior management level who understand the potential of Big Data Analytics, who can translate analysis outcome and integrate it with overall business strategy of the organization.

Topics covered

  • What does Business Analytics mean to the organization?
  • Business Analytics Excellence as a source of competitive advantage
  • How do we define Business Analytics Excellence?
  • Top Business Analytics Tips
  • Business Analytics Trends in 2020
  • Technology and Business Analytics

About the Presenter

The seminar was presented by Mr Sai Krishna who has over 7 years of experience in the analytics field gained through diverse industries including Fortune 500 companies. He has a Master’s Degree from Sweden and is a Certified Analyst.


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