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Disclaimer: Some of the projects are created by our students for which they may have taken the data sets and the code from public domains where they are freely available. Technocourses will not take any responsibility for the rights of those projects.

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Some of the typical challenges faced by Individuals ( Trained or Fresh ) in the current tough ( Working or Looking for ) Job market are:

Have data, but lack insight

Tons of data resides in operational systems and databases, but individual users lack access to it or even if data is available, lack the direction on how to use it.

No “big picture”

Small or little practice taught at college or training center is in-adequate to get the in-depth knowledge on the subject.

Information processing…

Reliance on data in Excel, where it’s manipulated, cut / paste into the way it is required. This process is time consuming, costly, error prone, subject to individual interpretation, inflexible, and limited to periodic intervals. Having access to different data forms is the crux of learning

déjà vu

Feels like reached very far but the success seems delusional due to lack of hands-on live projects practice.

Look No Further

You have reached the right place with all the necessary tools and techniques available to enhance your skills.

Trending projects

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